The wellness center offers:

  • Finnish (dry)
  • Turkish (steam)
  • Ice
  • Circular coater (with hot and cold water) Kneipp
  • Bathtub with hot water and
  • Drinking fountain natural healing thermal waters.

We also offer our guests tea from herbs that nurture in our own garden of medicinal plants.

Finnish or dry sauna

The temperature in the dry sauna is between 70 ° C and 90 ° C and humidity between 25% and 35%. The humidity increases when water which it is poured on the hot stones evaporates. The heated air causes sweating, by extending the pores the dust,
dead skin, excess fat and dirt is eliminated. accelerate renal function, which eliminate salts, toxic and waste materials from the body. The overheating of the body increases the immune system.

Turkish sauna or steam

The temperature in the Turkish sauna or steam bath is not as high as in Finnish. It ranges between 45 ° C and 60 ° C and humidity between 40 and 65%. High humidity has a beneficial effect especially on the respiratory system, heat accelerates blood circulation in the body, relaxes the muscles, opens the pores, thus contributing to the natural cleansing.

Ice sauna

Snow room (frigidarium), where the temperature is from -5 ° C to 0 ° C, provides a cooling after a hot sauna.  in the ˝snow cavity˝ you will not feel cold in your feet, because the soil is heated. The ice that you will rub on your body, you will accelerate blood circulation. After the ice sauna it is recommended that you go to the hot tub, where you warm up your body to the right temperature.


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